Our Teachers

Here at Ridgeway Mindful Psychology we have an experienced and well qualified team and we look forward to meeting you. Whether it is at a taster session, an eight-week course or at Monthly Practice session, our teachers will always make you welcome. All our teachers adhere to the guidelines set out by Mindfulness Teachers UK.

Lizzie Cambray

Lizzie is a Counselling Psychologist, chartered with the British Psychological Society and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, which monitors professional standards. She has offered mindfulness-based interventions to people suffering with depression, anxiety and eating disorders. She also has an interest in working with people who have a Palliative Care diagnosis. She trained as a teacher of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre over an apprenticeship period, beginning with their training retreat in 2007. She is listed with the Mindfulness Teacher Trainer’s Network. More recently, she has trained as a Supervisor of Mindfulness Teachers, to meet the recommended guidelines.

Lizzie Cambray  | © Lizzie Cambray

Dr Julia Wallond

Julia trained as a doctor at Bristol University and went on to GP training in Exeter. Back in Bristol she has worked for many years in the inner city, and is currently a locum GP. She became interested in meditation while still at medical school and found mindfulness an increasingly helpful support in her work as a junior doctor and GP. She completed the 2 year postgraduate course in mindfulness teacher-training at Exeter University in 2011, and since then has taught mindfulness courses to patients, students and healthcare professionals. She has remained in contact with Exeter University where she is a tutor and supervisor for other teachers. Meditation and mindfulness continue to inspire her and connect her to her love of life. Julia also works for the Portland Centre for Integrative Medacine.

Julia Wallond | © Mark Simmons

Dr Elfie Klinger

Elfie qualified as a conventional medical doctor at the University of Erlangen, Germany. From 1988 to 1993 she undertook research and intensive training in the practice of Homœopathic Medicine in Celle, Germany. She moved to England in 1993 to join her husband, and has since worked in private practice in both Nailsworth and Cirencester. She followed an apprenticeship pathway offered by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre to become a Mindfulness Teacher.

Elfie Klinger | © Elfie Klinger

Dr Richard Evans

(details to follow)

Richard Evans | © Richard Evans

Terry Pilchick

Terry has been practising and teaching meditation and mindfulness in the UK and abroad since the 1970s. Although discovering meditation in a Buddhist context, and having run a Buddhist themed publishing house for 25 years, Terry is well versed in the secular applications of mindfulness. His training background is with University of Bangor’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, the Breathworks Foundation and with Breathing Space. At Breathing Space, a London-based project that offers MBCT for depression and addiction, he developed and ran a series of Mindfulness-based courses for people wishing to stop smoking. Terry now lives in Gloucestershire where he co-founded Mindfulness-West, running some 15 entry level and advanced Mindfulness courses each year, as well as offering one-to one coaching and workplace training events.

Terry Pilchick | © Terry Pilchick

Marianne Brady

Marianne started meditating in 1982 and has taught meditation for twenty years, including thirteen years as a full-time meditation teacher at the London Buddhist Centre, as well as in the corporate world in the UK and overseas. She trained in mindfulness approaches to stress and pain management with the Breathworks Foundation, with the University of Bangor’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice and with Breathing Space, the London Buddhist Centre’s mindfulness-based programme, where she has led courses in Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) for depression. She is also trained in the ‘.b’ programme for schools. Marianne now lives in Gloucestershire where she co-founded Mindfulness-West, running some 15 entry level and advanced Mindfulness courses each year, as well as offering one-to-one coaching and workplace training events.

Marianne Brady | © Marianne Brady